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Angela brown

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Administration/Volunteer Management

Carlisha Harris

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Assistant to the CEO

clotele brantley

Clotele Brantley.PNG


(Toolbox Tuesday)

Connie paulk

Connie Paulk.PNG

Programs - WUCN Seniors

delphine thompson

Delphine Thompson.PNG


delores armstrong

Delores Armstrong.PNG


Dr. Kimberly Mccall

Dr. Kim McCall.PNG


dr. LORISSIA autery

Dr. Reese Autery.PNG


dydrea pittman

Dydrea Pittman.PNG

Program Support

Guanita jackson

Guanita Jackson.PNG

Program Support

Hattie Smith

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 R.E.P.A.I.R. Angels Coordinator

judy paige

Judy Paige.PNG

 Intercessory/Spiritual Leadership

kenya thomas burrell

Kenya Thomas Burrell.PNG

Board/Technology/Social Media

phyllis sutton

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Facilities/Program Support

Shellie layne

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Founder/CEO Visionary

valerie price

Valerie Price.PNG

Administration/Events Coordinator

Wanda brown

Wanda Brown.PNG

Program Support

jackie french

Jackie French.PNG


Angela Mcglothan

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Program Support

stacy young


Program Support

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