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The history of At Home Foundation, Inc. (AHF) begins with our Founder’s newspaper column, At Home with Shellie. In 2006, Shellie Layne wrote the column to help families with home buying and home repairs. In 2009, the column’s success propelled expansion into a nonprofit: At Home Foundation, Inc./Women Under Construction Network. Shellie's passion for empowering low-income single mothers, the elderly, and underserved women was born out of her personal life challenges as a single mom, a woman, and a non-profit and corporate professional. Since the foundation’s launch, AHF has served a myriad of women of all ages facing challenges of maintaining their homes.

AHF/WUCNetwork is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to women and their children from underserved communities facing critical economic/provisional needs. Past initiatives include support for victims of domestic violence and homelessness. Our mission: Repairing Homes, Building Women, Changing Lives - We Educate, Motivate, Empower and Inspire Women using actual Tools and Home Repair Applications.

Via a constellation of intervention, instruction, motivation, and social events, AHF supports, trains, empowers and challenges women to acquire and maintain their chief financial asset: their home. Our programs provide home repair services, replace appliances, furnishings, and groceries, and provide utility payments. AHF teaches application, delivers home repair instruction and cultivates proficiency in non-traditional skills and traditionally male-dominated careers (carpentry, electrical, and plumbing). We align life skills with tools so that our work reduces anxiety about responsibility for home repair and preservation. Additionally, we work with contractors who help emphasize and adhere to ethics, laws, codes, and proper home repair protocol. 

The “Women Under Construction Network Power Tool Socials” series began in 2014. Each event advances a home repair theme, pairs an educational objective with a motivational focus and provides giveaways (hammers, plungers, and other home-related items). To date, the socials have served over 2,000 women. Future proceeds from this for-profit event will help support the charitable work of AHF.


Additional AHF/WUCNetwork services include:

  • Financial Stability Training and Motivational Seminars

  • Services to Women Residing in Housing Projects

  • Programs for Women in the Workplace

  • Media Campaigns that focus on Issues affecting home life


The At Home organization/WUCN parallels life effectively through actual tools and home repair. This method of “real home repair” is demonstrated through television, internet, webcasts, radio, print media, campaigns, and motivational events. Additionally, our At Home organizations partner with non-profits and corporations to deliver the At Home message, which is foundational, timeless and does not change. Our message of Repairing Homes, Building Women and Changing Lives is appropriate in every women’s world, no matter their ethnicity, age, or socioeconomic status. Ultimately, the At Home message at its core will motivate, educate, empower women AND glorify God.

In the future, AHF/WUCN will provide transitional shelter for women in several Birmingham counties. Our organization infuses hope and instruction, increasing mental health and financial stability. We are “repairing homes, building women, changing lives.”